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National Blood Exchange (NBE)


Established in 1953 as a resource-sharing program, NBE — a program of AABB — continues to provide an important and valuable service to the blood banking and transfusion medicine community. NBE relies on a nationwide network of blood facilities with a surplus of blood and blood components. This nationwide network has enabled NBE to become the primary resource-sharing program in the US. Each year, NBE coordinates the distribution of more than 185,000 units of blood and blood components.

NBE in Action
System at Work
NBExchange Web-based System

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National Blood Exchange

NBE in Action

24/7 Access: This core network allows you to reach an NBE account manager at any time of the day or night. This 24/7 access links you to the NBE team who is ready to assist you with your emergency blood shortage needs. During business hours the NBE team is available to assist you with your surplus challenges, general blood supply inquiries, as well as assisting your inventory staff in making critical, daily decisions that affect local patient care by managing the daily blood resource issues.

Personalized Assistance: Our team of experienced account managers has a thorough understanding of the patterns and habits of the blood centers that comprise the NBE nationwide network. The NBE team offers trend analysis services based on the NBE's unique perspective of the nation's blood supply status. With just one call, you have access to hundreds of participating blood centers and hospitals nationwide. NBE provides personalized, customized assistance to our customers.

NBExchange: NBExchange is a comprehensive Web-based system offering NBE customers another option for monitoring their blood shipment needs. NBExchange delivers a more flexible system that makes searching for blood components more efficient. You can also manage your account information, broadcast emergency shortages and view shipment details. If you would like to receive more information on the NBExchange system, then please click here.

Access NBExchange Web-Based System

Note: You must have a registered username and password to access the site. If you do not have a registered username and password, please click here.

System at Work

The NBE system provides blood centers with the opportunity to easily and efficiently move surplus blood to areas in need and to provide hospitals with additional blood if current supply cannot meet anticipated needs. This important opportunity helps many blood centers maintain an effective blood inventory management program and ensures an adequate nationwide supply.

Once an NBE account manager receives a specific request an immediate search is conducted to ensure the fastest response. After the requested units are located, an NBE account manager authorizes the shipment and assists the shipper and receiver in making delivery arrangements. After delivery, NBE pays the shipper within 30 days and the receiver is billed for the units received. Blood facilities no longer need to worry about collecting payment – NBE provides that service. This streamlined approach provides for a quick exchange of blood and/or blood components.

NBE participants are charged a transaction fee of 1% (charged to shipper and receiver) of each unit of blood or blood components with a minimum fee of $1.00.

NBE Account Managers are prepared to:

  • Answer questions and provide input on the Nation's blood supply
  • Advise participants of trends in the national market
  • Obtain type and component specific blood information on a daily, weekly and annual basis
  • Provide daily assessments of the blood supply
  • Match requests from facilities experiencing a shortage with those having a surplus
  • Perform HLA matched platelet pheresis searches (finding a successful match within hours)
  • Train customers on using NBExchange, NBE's comprehensive Web-based system

Emergency Response

The NBE team is prepared to support the emergency needs of your facility. Please contact the NBE team at 800.458.9388 and an NBE account manager will assist you in quickly arranging a shipment of blood and/or blood components to meet your emergency needs. If your facility is experiencing a major disaster, then please click here for information regarding the AABB Interorganizational Task Force on Domestic Disasters and Acts of Terrorism.